Elizabeth Warren visibly flustered over question on Biden's son

Elizabeth Warren seems to have a plan for everything, but apparently, she hasn't given much thought to Hunter Biden's acquisition of wealth from overseas while his father was handling important matters there as vice president.  Perhaps she has been getting her news about the Democrat impeachment efforts from the likes of CNN and the Washington Post and has no clue as to the incredible lucre that came the way of the ex–drug addict who, with no credentials or experience, suddenly came into millions from Ukraine and a billion and a half dollars from China as a natural gas maven and investment fund manager, respectively.

Nicole Sganga, a CBS News campaign reporter, captured Warren's uncharacteristic inability to formulate words in response to a question about whether her ethics plan would allow her V.P.'s son to serve on the board of a foreign company.  It seemed to occur to her that her initial "no" was too damning to the Bidens, and that resulted in a clumsy and unsuccessful attempt to modify her position.

Warren yesterday said, "The time for impeachment is now," but it is evident that she hasn't had time to ponder the corruption of the Biden clan that is the underlying issue that President Trump's query to Ukraine's president was aimed at.

Democrats seem to think their friends in the media will fully obscure the corruption.  That is not realistic, because President Trump fights back, and if the Dems get their dream of a Senate trial, he will call both Bidens to testify.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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