Electrical power in Australia โ€” from success to failure

Our grandfathers built a low-cost reliable decentralized electricity supply for all states of Australia based mainly on black and brown coalfields — Blair Athol, Callide, Ipswich, Sydney/Newcastle, Yallourn, Leigh Creek, and Collie. Then our fathers built the mighty Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric scheme, which provided water to irrigate the inland while generating electricity to help pay for it. In the years up to 1980, huge new coal-fired power plants were constructed in each state.  We discovered oil and gas in Roma, Bass Strait, Barrow Island, Timor Sea, and in coal and shale in many places. Coal and hydro gave Australia reliable low-cost electricity that was the envy of the world and supported primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. We irrigated crops; electrified cities; powered railways and mines; refined metals and petroleum; and processed milk, wool, cotton, grains, meat, and fruit.  Factories made Victa mowers, Southern Cross...(Read Full Post)
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