Donald Trump at High Noon

The classic Western film High Noon, released in 1952, offers a compelling analogy to the Trump presidency.  Set in New Mexico territory sometime in the late 1800s, it starred Gary Cooper as Marshal Will Kane and Grace Kelly as Amy.  Her character is a Quaker.  She had seen her brothers and father die by gunfire, so she is a pacifist.  The two of them marry in the first moments of the film but then learn that a man the marshal had sentenced to hang, but was released by an early version of an Obama-appointed judge, is coming to their town with three henchmen to kill Kane.  The marshal and his new wife quickly leave to seek the life they've planned, but he soon turns around in a crisis of conscience, realizing that if he runs from this man, Frank Miller, he will always be running.  He returns to Hadleyville and attempts to deputize other men in the town to help him face off the murderers. 

But not one of the townsmen will agree to help.  They are all cowards (Republicans) in fear of their lives, or they are friends and admirers of the outlaw Frank Miller and want to welcome him back to the town (Democrats).  Bottom line?  Not one man will stand with Kane or defend the peace and safety he has brought to their town.  All the men he's tried to recruit only want Kane to leave; they think if he's not there, there will be no trouble, rather like those who want to dispense with ICE, DHS, and the police.  No law enforcement, no crime.  Sure.  We all know how that goes.  Like The Magnificent Seven, this film, too, proves the age-old truth that submission to evil brings only violence and grief.  It is generally "toxic" masculinity that saves the day. 

"People gotta talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it.  Maybe because down deep they don't care.  They just don't care."  This line is spoken by Kane's mentor, who is too old to help.  That pretty much sums up our Left today.  They refuse to approve border security, and they above all want to protect criminal illegal migrants, no matter the cost to our citizens.  They don't care about the horrific consequences of open borders.  The men in the film are merely cowards.  Our Democrats and silent Republicans are worse than cowards.  Their lives are not at stake; just their standing in the Beltway and the leftist media party circuit is at risk.  They don't want to jeopardize their social status in D.C.  They are worse than cowards, those who do not stand up and fight for this president.  Those who do are our champions, and we all know who they are.

Consider how few Republican men and women in our Congress are willing to fight for Trump, despite his phenomenal accomplishments in office.  A few of them seem to be actively hoping to see him impeached; Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, for example.  What disappointments those two are, along with the rest of their squishy ilk.  Like Kane, Trump is largely on his own but for his legions of supporters throughout the country.  Most of the Republicans in the House and Senate, but for our small group of heroes, are as cowardly as all the men in Hadleyville.  We are not electing the right people. 

Back to the film: In the end, as the four men determined to kill Kane advance into the town, all the townspeople scatter and hide, cowards all.  It is Kane's Quaker wife, the anti-gun woman so sure of the morality of her pacifism, who picks up a gun and kills one of the men to save her husband.  There is a clear Second Amendment lesson in the film.  Defense of one's loved ones, if necessary, is righteous.

High Noon is an almost perfect analogy for the Trump presidency, especially now.  The radicalized Left that to this day cannot accept the fact that Trump won the election has spent every moment since trying to undo his win.  Poor Hillary is rotting from the inside out due to decades of her own corruption, but she never tires of revealing her inner, hoary nature.  She is probably planning to enter the 2020 race.  As if, knowing what we know now, she could possibly win.  Adam Schiff and the rest of the Left have been driven mad by Trump's success as president, and by every turn, they've been unable to thwart him.  They employed countless people to bring him down — Mueller and his team of back-stabbing, double-crossing men and women who hate Trump more than they love our country.  When that failed, they almost immediately came up with a new "dossier," a hearsay complaint by yet another Democrat loyalist willing to offer himself up as fodder for what they hope will be Trump's downfall in Ukraine-gate. Their desperation is not only showing, it is flashing in neon and so they are making mistakes. Impeaching Trump will backfire. He will be re-elected in a landslide.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling was the theme song from High Noon. That lyric is as apt now as it was then. Trump is constantly forsaken by the people who, if they had a spine, should be fighting as hard for him as he fights for us, for the country. Did they listen to his speech at the UN? This man is a great President. He is disdainful of no one but those who deny freedom and safety to their own people or of those who try to submarine him. Obama, Hillary and their pals are contemptuous all of us who do not toe their party line. It is that crowd, that clique that has been running the "Impeach Trump!" show since November 8, 2016. It is very likely that they, along with George Soros, are behind the seditious plan to terminate Trump's presidency these past three years. May they all be exposed for their crimes and may the yellow-bellied scaredy-cats among conservatives be somehow punished for their cowardice.

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