Democratic hypocrisy on sex and murder

Can you imagine the headlines we'd be reading if Ed Buck was a Republican?  You might even be wondering, who is Ed Buck?  Reporting on his crimes has been less than enthusiastic up to this point, but given the pattern of behavior and the increase in frequency of the "incidents," the story cannot be ignored for much longer.

According to the police in West Hollywood, Ed Buck, a violent, dangerous sexual predator, lured homeless victims with money, drugs, and the promise of shelter to his home, where he apparently attempted to murder them with lethal injections of amphetamines.  I generously used the word "apparently," since author Ian Fleming wrote, "Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action."

On July 27, 2017, Gemmel Moore died of an "accidental overdose" at Buck's residence.  Police decided not to press charges.  Moore was only 26 years old.  Then again in January of 2019, 55-year-old Timothy Dean allegedly died in Buck's house as the result of an overdose combined with alcohol toxicity.  The coroner officially ruled that Dean's death was also an accidental overdose, but the newspaper headlines disturbingly suggested that a full fifteen minutes passed after Dean had become unresponsive, but before Buck called for an ambulance.

However, the article itself failed to explain how that information was learned or to speculate why the coroner decided to rule the second death an accident, given the eerie similarity in circumstances to Moore's overdose.  Obviously, the police can't arrest a man for an accident that happens to occur in his home, but two almost identical deaths by accidental overdose "witnessed" by the same man within a two-year period seems to be more than just a strange coincidence.

Now a third victim, only 37 years old, nearly died from an overdose Buck personally injected into him.  According to reports, Buck refused to help the victim and even tried to prevent him from getting medical assistance.

Could you imagine the media frenzy if this had been one of the Koch brothers?

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