Deep State deflecting Biden's Ukraine scandal with whistleblower complaint

Even though the details are classified, Deep State intelligence community operatives are leaking enough that we can assess with a reasonable degree of confidence that the latest scandal being peddled by Adam Schiff (among others) is as phony as the Russia conspiracy theory he pushed until the Mueller/Weissmann report turned out to be a dry hole.  The favorite outlet for Deep Staters, the Washington Post, reveals that it is all about Ukraine: A whistleblower complaint about President Trump made by an intelligence official centers on Ukraine, according to two people familiar with the matter, which has set off a struggle between Congress and the executive branch. The complaint involved communications with a foreign leader and a "promise" that Trump made, which was so alarming that a U.S. intelligence official who had worked at the White House went to the inspector general of the intelligence community, two former U.S. officials said Two and a half...(Read Full Post)
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