Conservatives evil, progressives good?

Many modern leftists truly believe that conservatives are evil.  They can see no other reason why somebody would wish to deny other human beings free...well, anything.  They fail to understand how someone would risk depriving others of their "right" to live anywhere they want, have everything that anyone else has, choose their own gender or genders — and be free from the consequences of their own actions. In this way, they actually are evil, or, at minimum, the consequences of their beliefs and actions, even though they choose not to acknowledge them, are consistently, historically, evil.  To those they (inadvertently?) victimize, this is a distinction without a difference.  I know that this is a difficult concept for a decent person to grasp, but it is factually so, nonetheless. These leftists claim that conservatives are evil, and I claim they are evil, so obviously we are equally wrong — or...(Read Full Post)
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