Can green turn blue into red?

We've been so busy with the Democrats and the tweets that we forget that the Trump 2020 campaign is busy at work trying to win the president a second term.

It appears that Trump plans to spend lots of cash and turn some blue states.  This is a very interesting report from Brian Bennett:

With more than $100 million in cash on hand, Trump's campaign has the freedom to look for unorthodox opportunities to seek out electoral votes in other parts of the country. That massive money haul will be used to mobilize support in states Trump lost narrowly, and in some cases broadly, and where his campaign feels there are enough untapped Trump supporters to tip the balance in his favor, his campaign says. "What matters is having the resources to invest in the best people and data to give the candidate every advantage," Kushner says.

Trump's political strategists say they aren't carving out a new path to 270 electoral votes and instead want to run up the score. 

Is son-in-law Kushner right?  Can they do it?

First, I am not betting against President Trump anymore.  After all, I was one of those who argued that he'd be out of the race after Iowa. But not anymore.  Trump is the Joe Montana of politics, and he always finds a way of putting the ball in the end zone.

Second, the Trump strategy depends on the name and face of the Democratic nominee.  Like President Nixon in 1972, it's likely that President Trump will get a "McGovern" in 2020 and win easily.

No matter what, it's nice to see Trump fighting for every county.  Why not?

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