Another Smollett-style fake hate crime blaming MAGA busted

The bad news is that Trump supporters are being once again being blamed for fake hate crimes, but the good news is that the fraudster is so inept that the cops were able to bust him right away. The latest attempt to leverage the media’s nonstop hatred of Trump and his supporters into a fabricated hate crime for personal profit also involves a minor African-American celebrity, in this case a former NFL player. ABC Channel 8 in Atlanta reports based on CNN and AP dispatches:  An ex-NFL player trashed his pizza restaurant and ice cream shop near Atlanta to fake a racially motivated burglary so he could file an insurance claim, police said. Gwinnett County police officers responded just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after a 911 call reporting a man damaging the businesses, according to a Friday news release. The caller said the man was driving a black Chevrolet Silverado without a license plate. Officers stopped a truck matching that description as it was leaving...(Read Full Post)
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