Andrew McCabe's chutzpah

Apparently, for Andrew McCabe, the best defense is a good offense.

Speaking to CNN host (and colleague) John Berman, the disgraced FBI head (as deputy director, he ran the agency after James Comey was fired) slimed the man who exposed his professional lack of integrity and wrote a report that is about to be made public.

It all came up as CNN leaped on the story of the complaint made by an anonymous Deep State intelligence operative to the Intelligence Community inspector general.  In that instance, the I.G. is supposed to be a respected protector of a whistleblower, according to the script being acted out in this stage mini-drama intended to divert public attention away from Joe Biden's use of his office to bully Ukraine into firing a prosecutor looking into his son's sweetheart deal with a big company owned by one of the oligarchs close to Russia's Putin.

But casting an I.G. in a white hat is awfully embarrassing for McCabe, who is about to be roasted in public by DOJ I.G. Horowitz.

The obvious solution: Slime and attempt to discredit Horowitz.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller captured the moment.

Berman mentioned during the conversation McCabe's own tangles with Horowitz, who found that McCabe displayed a "lack of candor" during four interviews regarding his authorization of leaks to the media in October 2016.

McCabe, who former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired on March 16, 2018 and is under Justice Department investigation, said he supports the inspector general process, but made it clear he has problems with Horowitz.

"It is essential that every element of the executive branch, each one of the agencies has a fair and competent and independent inspector general. And this situation really shines a light on that requirement," McCabe said of the ICIG situation.

He jabbed at Horowitz, an Obama appointee, saying: "I hope that the Department of Justice gets that sort of inspector general some time soon."

As Ross notes:

Berman did not push back on McCabe's dig. The host also did not mention McCabe could soon be indicted for making false statements to the FBI. Berman also left out that the FBI fired McCabe and he is suing the bureau and Justice Department.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

Hat tip: Roger Luchs.

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