An illegals racket so big migrants can now leave Yelp ratings? Check out Michelle Malkin's new book

To get a sense of just how out of "the shadows" the vast illegal alien smuggling pipeline to America is, consider the little mention that migrants can now offer Yelp-style reviews for attaining the finest in illegal alien–enabling services, not just in one's choice of smuggling coyote, but in all the vast numbers of choices in NGOs offering shelters and services, according to Michelle Malkin, whose new book, Open Borders: Who's Funding America's Destruction, comes out tomorrow.

According a book excerpt published on Breitbart News:

The Mexico City region hosts a multitude of casas de migrantes. The El Samaritano migrant house provides meals, baths, medical care, and phone services. It is conveniently located along the train tracks, and has become an inevitable magnet for narcotics and human trafficking. "We will be here until the last migrant passes through," El Samaritano's Sister Rosa Bogado vowed to a Miami Herald reporter. At Casa Mambré, a special LGBTQI unit houses transgender migrants who receive separate shelter and psychotherapy services. Casa Tochán (which means "our house" in Nahuatl) teaches guests how to do woodwork and sell artisan crafts. Families bunking at CAFEMIN (Casa de Acogida, Formación y Empoderamiento de la Mujer y Internacional y Nacional, or "House for Shelter, Training and Empowerment of International and National Women") bake bread and receive asylum advice. Casa del Migrante de Saltillo is gated and has "stunning" mountain views and close proximity to the train tracks. It provides three free meals a day and sells additional snacks and calling cards. Canada, the Netherlands, and the European Union provide donations to the migrant shelter.

Next up: Yelp ratings and TripAdvisor reviews for illegal alien shelters? (I say this only half tongue in cheek. There is already a site called, which is billed as a Yelp or TripAdvisor-style tool that "lets migrant workers rate their experience of recruiters or employers online, by voicemail or by text message.")

You can see the site for yourself, here.  It even has an English translation page.  Seriously, it's gotten to Yelp-style reviews now?  Someone's got money for that one.

Malkin's book seems to be a survey of the vast array of NGOs and other leftist groups who have found it lucrative to bring illegal aliens into the U.S.  Far from being sneaky coyotes, they're so big and powerful that they're out in the open, advocating for open borders and making money on the side.  The excerpt points out that it's not just Pueblo Sin Fronteras that was behind the famous migrant caravans that brought so many illegals streaming across our border, it was actually a juggernaut of networks from the churches, the NGOs, and far-left activist groups who all got themselves a slice of the big money to be had in pushing illegals into the U.S.

The except doesn't mention it, but it's likely that Malkin, an ace investigative reporter if there ever was one, will have lots of information about how much public and billionaire funding is going into making alien smuggling the big business that it is.

It sounds ground-breaking.  I'm certainly going to get my hands on it.

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