Where only wealthy liberals can exercise free speech

Despite the threats from firm-bodied and close-minded elitist liberals who threatened to boycott Soul Cycle and Equinox health clubs upon learning that a major investor, Steven Ross, planned to host a fundraiser for President Donald J. Trump (R) at his estate last Friday night, the event went off as planned.  Along with another funder that night, Trump reportedly hauled in over $12 million for his 2020 presidential campaign and for the Republican Party.  However, many of the folks that these bleeding-heart, tight-butt Trump boycott liberals claim to speak for — workers and small business–owners — are forced to remain silent if they support Trump.  If it were known that they agreed with Trump, they would either lose their jobs or low-margin businesses to a liberal boycott, and unlike the wealthy Ross, who can easily ride through a small boycott, they would suffer, according to the New...(Read Full Post)
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