Where are all the videos of white nationalist violence?

Impeachment over Russian Collusion seems off the table, so the left must come up with a new “crisis” to hector and badger the 60-odd million Americans that voted for Donald Trump.  Enter from stage far left “White Nationalist Violence.”

It’s all the rage.  It’s what the cool kids are talking about.  Amongst all of the hype you would think there are numberless video examples of White Nationalist Violence.

You would be wrong.  There’s a lot of discussion about White Nationalist Violence, but no video examples to be found.

I am certain that Google, now alerted to the problem, will come up with video evidence of White Nationalist Violence, but they really should have been better prepared; the left can’t afford to invent a new talking point lie and not have every leftist outlet ready to support that lie immediately.

As for Antifa violence, Google is all about it for the moment.  Portland West alone provides example after example of masked thugs committing heinous acts of violence upon little old people unable to outrun a pack of harmless leftists with love in their hearts and clubs in their hands.

We’ve been told that High Tech is a fast-moving business; let’s see how quickly Google moves to find all those AWOL videos of White Nationalist Violence and post them as proof of the crisis in America today.

You and I know all of this “Crisis of White Nationalism Violence” effluence boils down to leftist rage at deplorables who refused to vote for the Official Candidate of the FBI.

Democracy dies when buried alive under a suffocating mountain of leftist propaganda.

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