What happens when only one side defines hate

If you're keeping score at home, here is where we are: Whiteness = hate crime; Red hat = hate crime; Masculinity = hate crime; Patriotism = hate crime; Enforcing laws = hate crime; Statements of objective fact = hate crime; Forming opinions based on facts = hate crime; Being in or supporting the military = hate crime; Being in or supporting law enforcement = hate crime; Supporting candidates who aren't Democrats = hate crime; Christianity = hate crime; Speaking out against real hate crimes = hate crime; Pointing out hoaxes and frauds that create fake hate crimes = hate crime; Opposing the murder, assault, rape or maiming of innocent citizens = hate crime; Identifying the malignant actions of hate-filled people = hate crime; Demanding equal enforcement of the law regardless of political affiliation = hate crime; Desiring actual justice over political/socialist justice = hate crime; Questioning Democrats about their history...(Read Full Post)
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