The Whiteness Protection Program

Whitey is under attack.  Anyone who's been paying attention knows that this is true.

In spite of the news networks' constant attempts to obfuscate, the nature of the division is easy to frame for the casual observer and logical thinkers among us.

The weapons employed against the one unprotected class of persons in the nation are the very ones invented and instituted by the class now under attack.  The courts, the police, the voting booth, the political system, schools, churches, transportation systems, and the local coffee shop are all tools of the oppressor whenever skirmishes occur.  Especially in the urban theater of operation, white people are constantly walking, head up and locked, into an L-shaped ambush, the location of which is always carefully planned with an assist by government.

Philadelphia outlawed bulletproof glass partitions in shops and stores within the city.  Deemed an insult to "people of color," this method of defending oneself has been taken away, and although the "insult" reason is given, another occurs to this writer: you can't be robbed as easily if you are not totally vulnerable to a gun threat.  The flow of property from the targeted class of people to the protected class must not be hindered by racist, insulting, bullet-stopping defensive shields.

Another good purpose for bulletproof glass: A robber is likely to take his gun to a more vulnerable location, leaving you to search the shelves of the Plexiglas-protected bodega for your box of Rice-A-Roni in relative safety and comfort.

Although the shopkeepers and others under attack will probably draw this conclusion without any advice from me, allow me to state my prescription.  Exercise your right to keep and bear arms: the 2nd amendment, or, as I like to call it, the Whiteness Protection Program.  Anyone, especially a pale male, who does not take advantage of this program by carrying, open or concealed, a firearm, is putting himself at risk in today's ambient, liberal-controlled environment.  

I predict that Philadelphia's bulletproof glass prohibition will eventually be repealed as a result of robbers being shot by clerks employing alternative methods of protection now that bulletproof partitions are prohibited.  It is uncanny how liberals never contemplate the secondary or tertiary consequences of their ideas.

I'm sure the Founders never dreamed that people in their same racial category would be persecuted and designated for extinction, but they still left us with the means of salvation: the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.

In their zeal to rob and murder the sharp noses, the favored class are running up against a frustrating log jam: guns.  This why we see so much angst demonstrated by the leftist media and politicians over the subject of guns.  It is guns and only guns that that keep this nation relatively free.  The people who have respect for guns and the 2nd Amendment are by and large, but certainly not exclusively, white men and women, and they are the ones who need protecting.

The Whiteness Protection Program: Don't Leave (or Stay) Home without It.

Willie Shields is a radio host, a paralegal, and the author of Exit 13A – A Control Tower Diary. A "once and always" U.S. Marine and a former air traffic controller, Mr. Shields resides in Wilmington, Delaware.  He responds to email: WSHIELDS1775@VERIZON.NET, Twitter @WILLIEONRADIO.