The men of the Frank E. Evans

Frank Perkins, a U.S. Navy veteran, was wearing a dark blue navy hat with the name USS Frank E. Evans embossed on it.  I asked, "Are you a Navy veteran?"   "Yes," he said.  "Is that the name of the ship you served on?"  "Yes," he remarked, "I am one of the survivors."   "What?"  I said with surprise.   "My ship was sliced in half by an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War,"  Mr. Perkins solemnly explained to me.  There were 74 American sailors who died in a little-known tragic accident that happened during a war training exercise off Vietnam in 1969.  During night maneuvers including several ships and no lights on, a wrong turn was made that resulted in the USS Evans getting a broadside hit from an Australian aircraft carrier. The Evans was cut in half. The bow of the Evans is reported to have sunk in two minutes with 74 of...(Read Full Post)
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