Stop blaming politicians and look at these young men

We all remember the story of the man who went to a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia to shoot Republicans.  Quick police action stopped him. Nevertheless, he put Representative Steve Scalise in the hospital.

The shooter had worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Did anyone blame Senator Sanders for that?  I did not and most of us did not.

Let's go to Dayton, the other shooting over the weekend.  As Melissa MacKenzie pointed out in her post:

It turns out that the Ohio murderer was a Satan-loving Democrat who liked Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

There is that fellow Sanders again!  Will someone ask him about this?

Let me tell you that this is not an issue of guns or white nationalism or whatever else they tell us about.  Back to Melissa MacKenzie:

The most important words from the El Paso killer's writings are in this line:

…My whole life I have been preparing for a future that currently doesn't exist.

How can a country with so much prosperity produce humans that value their blessings so little? 

How can young men entering a world of promise feel so cheated and see no future? Yet they do. And they're not alone. Spend time talking to millennials and Gen Z and their perception of their own experience is astonishingly bleak. The increased number of suicides is proof of their hopelessness. Why are they so sad and frustrated?

Maybe it's that they have everything materially, but their lives lack meaning. Despair dead-ends into nihilism. Maybe murder is a response to nothing. At least rage is something. And rage is powerful. It must seem better than the alternative.

How can such a rich and wonderful country raise young men who see no future?  I am not an expert, but it would help if we told these young men to go to church and find what they are not finding in an app!

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