Ocasio-Cortez: A knucklehead gives herself airs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Millennials are more "informed" and "dynamic" than earlier generations.  If we could take this tiresome knucklehead seriously, we'd howl with laughter at such an assertion.  She's giving herself airs again.

Informed?  She herself famously didn't know that legislators aren't "inaugurated," but sworn in.  Before being sworn in, she imagined herself signing legislation.  She had, and probably still has, little idea of how the government works, what "Legislative Branch" means, and "Executive Branch," and so on.  People as ignorant as this girl have no business in government because their thrashing around, their uninformed assumptions and nonsensical pronouncements, cause problems for serious people trying to do serious work.

Sandy, the truth is this: Your generation is the laziest, least informed, most misled and sorely misguided ever seen in America since the founding, or anywhere outside the continents of Africa and Asia and South America.  People in those places have good reason for not getting it: they have never had an example in their own countries of honest government run by honest men, showing how things should be done and dedicated to establishing a system that really did try to secure the blessings of liberty for everybody, not just themselves.

Nobody in America has that excuse.  Ocasio-Cortez has no excuse at all.  She graduated from what's supposed to be one of the nation's better universities, but she knows less about our Constitution and our republican system than any high school Junior ROTC cadet.  She came away from college with an economics degree and zero idea of how America was designed to function.  She thinks because it was all easy for her, with all the insulation that was always there between herself and the real world, that it's easy for everybody.  To her, it's all a popularity contest, something out of grade school.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows nothing.  She's a silly little girl playing grown-up.  She's not good at running things because she is not informed or dynamic.  She's ignorant, miseducated, undereducated, cocky, unappreciative, full of hot air and embarrassing.

She should just go home to Westchester County.

Image: Dimitri Rodriguez via Flickr.

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