Mexico cynically wades into El Paso shooting debacle, brimming with hypocrisy

As if the El Paso mass murder couldn't be a more noxious showcase for political bad behavior, in wades the Mexican government, launching lawsuits against the U.S. for supposedly failing to protect its citizens, which is something Mexico never bothered about before.  According to NBC News:

Mexico on Sunday threatened to take legal action against the United States for failing to protect its citizens after this weekend's mass shooting in the border city of El Paso.

Of the 20 people gunned down at a Walmart at the Cielo Vista Mall, at least seven were Mexican citizens, and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard promised Mexico City will act.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry called the attack in El Paso a "terrorist act against innocent Mexicans."

Apparently, they've seen how their individual illegals can exploit loopholes in U.S. law to their advantage, and now that bastion of peace and tranquility to our south would like a serving of the same.  Instead of warning Mexican potential illegals to stay out of the U.S. the way a normal country would do, they want to muscle the U.S. legal system to their benefit, creating a sort of right to protection in the U.S., which is something Mexicans certainly don't have back home.

More to the point, the Mexican state would like to blame the U.S. for the action of the lone freak who shot up the Walmart in El Paso, same as the average Democratic politician.  The fact that the freak is going to the executioner's table is irrelevant, because what they're really after is putting the U.S. and President Trump in particular on trial.

According to a summary of their doings from Axios:

Mexico threatened legal action Sunday against the U.S. for failing to protect its citizens after a shooting in the border city of El Paso, Texas, killed 20 people, including 6 Mexican nationals, the New York Times reports.

Details: Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said the Mexican government was looking into extraditing the suspect to Mexico on a terrorism charge over Saturday's shooting, per CNN. Mexico also plans legal action against the seller who provided the weapon used in the attack, according to the NYT.

What they're saying: Ebrard said in a Twitter video, translated by NBC News, that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to "ensure that Mexico’s indignation translates" into "expeditious and forceful" legal action for the country to take a role and demand that conditions are established that protect Mexicans in the U.S.

The big picture: Many Mexicans are aware of an anti-immigrant screed apparently posted online by the suspect just before the shooting and they see the attack as an expression of tensions between the U.S. and Mexico over immigration, guns and violence, often fueled by President Trump's policies and rhetoric, the Times notes.

On those grounds, any American who's attacked, assaulted, drinks poisoned liquor, or is killed in Mexico, should have grounds to do the same. Failure to protect, don't you know. Such irony. Turns out more Americans (75 of them) have been killed in Mexico than all the remaining countries of the world combined.  Here's what Forbes reported last year:

In 2016, according to my analysis of the data, more Americans were reported killed by homicide in Mexico than the combined total of Americans killed by homicide in every other country abroad.

More than 31 million Americans visited Mexico in 2016, the National Travel & Tourism Office says, and State Department data shows there were reports of 75 American homicide victims there. In comparison, 49 million Americans traveled to all other foreign countries, and 69 were reported killed by homicide.

That's quite some hypocrisy they've got, given the number of American dead bodies they've got on their record.  Think they'll go along with reciprocity?  Not the Mexican government we know.  The double standard stands.

But that's hardly their only hypocrisy.  Here's another logic joke from them: 

They encourage their nationals to emigrate illegally (remember the Mexican government comic books? apparently, they're still distributing them) to get rid of potential discontents, and now they complain when the place, loaded as it is with unvetted migrants they don't want around, is somehow not safe?  Any city loaded with illegals is a den of crime — just look at the crime in Chicago, Baltimore, or any sanctuary city.  Apparently, those killings are OK by the Mexicans so long as they are done by other Mexicans or maybe Central Americans.  But this Dallas-area white interloper doing the killing is something different, something sue-worthy?  They've tolerated crime for years on both sides of the border, not doing a thing so long as the distilled remittances keep coming.  Now, at this late date, with this lone freak, they are suddenly upset.

Now for a third hypocrisy: They say they want to extradite the maggot? What the heck would that be for? Like El Chapo Guzman, he'd be in a fine position to continue his Internet postings in a Mexican prison because all kinds of contraband is tolerated in Mexican prisons, particularly cell phones, and anything can be bribed for. For that matter, he'd be in a great position to escape, much as Guzman did from Mexican prisons, more than once. The creep, under Mexican law, would also be spared the death penalty, something he's not going to be spared if he stays in Texas. It looks like this extradition move is some sort of revolting bid to save him and allow him to flourish. You can bet he'd be a happy camper if somehow he got extradited to Mexico. Sorry amigos: The maggot is going to pay.

What we are seeing here is plain old garden variety Mexican meddling in our internal affairs, this time rooted in some icky festering wounded national pride, some bid from Mexico to assert itself over U.S. laws in the wake of Trump's muscle on Mexico over the illegal migrant surge, using the U.S. courts with their continuous anti-Trump rulings to make itself the sovereign here. Mexico has already sent their illegals and now they want to take over gubernatorially through the courts, which puts this act on a continuum.

This garbage should be smacked down for the hypocrisy it is and as fast as possible. We don't need their government ruling over here and we sure as heck shouldn't be paying them.

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