Media outrage machine gears up for another Republican

Ted Kennedy killed a woman in the 1960's and most journalists and other Democrats supported and honored him throughout his life. 

Robert Byrd was a leader in the KKK and most journalists and other Democrats honored him and supported him.

Bill and Hillary mentally and physically abused many women and sought to destroy them throughout their lives. Yet most journalists and other Democrats honored and supported them, including wanting to put them in the White House again.

President Obama illegally spied on 1,000's of Americans including people around Trump in an attempt to rig an election and the Washington Post and other journalists support whatever he did.

But the Republican Governor of Alabama wore blackface 52 years ago and somehow, she should resign?  This is a big story:

Alabama’s Republican governor apologizes for wearing blackface in college, refuses to resign

The WP and other media outlets have used the race card for decades to take out Republicans and the truth doesn't matter. They will lie about Charlottesville, lie about Ferguson, lie about boys at Duke, lie about boys at University of Virginia, lie about white Christian boys from Kentucky, lie about an attack on a blackl actor in Chicago.

Whatever it takes to keep blacks voting for Democrats and dependent on government is all that matters.

It was sad but humorous to watch Lawrence Odonnell's fake apology. He said it should have gone through the normal rigorous standards before his new Russian crap was reported. How did the "rigorous" standards of journalists allow three years of fake news on the Russian collusion story when their was never any evidence that the collusion occurred?

Where were the rigorous standards when the media tried to take out Kavanaugh on behalf of Democrats with no evidence?  The Washington Post has led the way on many of these false stories.  Of course, Glenn Kessler has trouble spotting those egregious lies.