Maybe they ran the numbers

As a young man, and even later in life, I would run to my father with an idea or business proposal.  I'd make the case and then he would always say in Spanish  "Ya hicistes los numeritos" or a Cuban Spanish version of "did you run the numbers"?

Well, maybe a few Democrats are starting to run the numbers and realize that "Medicare for All" won't cut it in front of real people.

According to news reports,  support for Medicare for All goes down when people hear that you are going to take away their private health insurance.   

In fact, the opposition is very clear:       

In a Hill-HarrisX survey released Thursday, 13 percent of respondents said they would prefer a health care system that covers all citizens and doesn't allow for private plans, an approach that is sometimes referred to as "single-payer."

The most popular option, at 32 percent, consisted of a universal, government-operated system that also would allow people to buy private, supplemental insurance.

Twenty-six percent of respondents said they wanted a government insurance plan offered to all citizens, but one that doesn't compel people with private plans to use it, a system sometimes called a "public option."

It's amazing what transparency will do to any socialist idea!

My guess is that Senator Harris will forget what she said over the last few years and say that she won't touch anyone's private plan.  

Senator Warren will say that Medicare for All is just another way of saying that everyone should have access to health care.  

VP Biden will forget that the Affordable Health Care Act passed during his watch.   

And former congressman Beto will skip the topic and call President Trump a racist.

On one side, poor Bernie Sanders will hear over and over again that his numbers just don't add up!   

So turns the world in this crazy and unimpressive Democrat primary contest.

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