Let this FBI investigate Epstein's death? You gotta be joking

Pardon my cynicism, folks, but Attorney General Barr's declared determination to dig to the bottom of the purported Jeffrey Epstein suicide rings a bit hollow.  Had he said he was appointing an independent investigative team headed by an assistant attorney general on loan from one of our southern red states — say, Texas, Alabama or Georgia — where cultural sophistication doesn't rise to the level of blasé acceptance of pedophilia found in blue, coastal urban enclaves, I might feel more confident.  Had he further announced an investigative team comprising veteran sleuths from state police departments from similar red states, with no federal presence other than scientific criminological support, I would be truly heartened. But to tell this nation that the same federal investigative agency that, we have learned, and still are learning with every passing day, was thoroughly corrupted at its head, leading to deceptive cover-up...(Read Full Post)
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