Lena Dunham kisses a man she doesn't know on the lips

What kind of person walks up to someone she doesn't know and then kisses him on the lips?

Only some kind of pervert. And sure enough, Lena Dunham is in the middle here. She walked up to A-list actor Brad Pitt at some Hollywood event and intrusively kissed the man on the lips. Stealing a kiss? More like an unwilling assault. Pitt clearly didn't want her doing this.

According to Breitbart News:

Left-wing actress Lena Dunham is under fire for what many media members are saying is her awkward attempt to kiss A-lister Brad Pitt on the lips during the premiere of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Recently surfaced photos show the Girls creator and actress attempting to kiss Pitt on the lips, sparking a flurry of headlines about her purported sexual misconduct:



Now if a man had done such a thing, he'd be on trial. And yes, there was one who was - the pervert who grabbed the butt of singer Taylor Swift. Remember this one from 2017?

Taylor Swift has come out swinging at her butt groping trial -- reportedly testifying that a Denver radio DJ "grabbed my ass underneath my skirt" while posing with Swift for a photo and stayed "latched on" to her bare ass.

The singer is currently on the stand describing an incident before her 2013 concert in Denver in which Swift claims she was sexually assaulted by David Mueller.

"He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my hand. He grabbed my bare ass," Swift testified.

"He stayed latched on to my bare ass ... as I moved away from him visibly uncomfortable."

"It was a very shocking thing that I have never dealt with before … He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt. It was underneath my skirt."

And guess what? A jury found the guy guilty to boot, according to TMZ. Everyone knows that kind of behavior is out of bounds and there was nothing controversial about this verdict.

Which brings us back to Dunham, who's made a career of getting naked (Breitbart has a collection of her photos) and effectively showing us how unattractive she is, and then calling it attractive and saying we should be turned on by it - shoving herself onto Pitt, a sort of double whammy of intrusiveness and aggression. That's not sexy, that's repulsive. And that's some ego she has, some absence of modesty, and surfeit of pride that comes of being coddled by the left as a pioneer of feminism.

What's more, it's the doing of someone who's operating on a double standard and expecting complete impunity for it because she always has had impunity. She's been aggressive sexually in the past - as when she admitted to molesting her little sister in one of her books. The press dismissed the perversion of it and celebrated it as feminist liberation.

Pitt should sue, same as Swift did. There's either going to be civility or no civility in Hollywood and beyond. Dunham may enjoy showing herself naked in her photos but what's really on display is her hypocrisy.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot


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