For fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, only leftist lies matter

How cynical and pandering and contemptuous of facts is Elizabeth Warren? 

This cynical, according to her own tweet commemorating the birth of Black Lives Matter:

Warren is cynically repeating the false claim that a black criminal who attacked a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri five years ago was a victim, not a perpetrator. The cop was demonized and lost his job in the phony ruckus as the "Black Lives Matter" activism took root, while both a grand jury and the Obama administration's own Department of Justice, under the highly politicized Attorney General Eric Holder, found that the cop did nothing wrong for defending himself from a guy who was grabbing his gun and who wanted to kill him. What is she saying? That they should have falsely convicted him?

We all know she knows the truth of the matter, and yet she spreads the phony lies put out by activists with an interest in keeping the fires of controversy burning.

This tweet by Fox News big Brit Hume pretty well tells us how sorry this picture is:



And this analysis by William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection pretty well tells how bad the whole picture is. Kamala Harris, zero surprise, is involved in the pandering lies, too.Jacobson writes:

The legacy of the Michael Brown case, and Trayvom Martin case before it, is that lie upon lie built a false narrative that changed the political landscape even after the truth came out through the judicial process. But that truth mattered not to the activists involved, who believe in convenient myths.

The Black Lives Matter movement was launched by lies, and so was its hijacking by anti-Israel activists. That’s the cold, hard truth.

What is she trying to do? Indoctrinate a new generation into a panoply of lies? Or is she trying to pander for votes among less-informed black voters who at this point, still haven't absorbed the truth of the matter, and are still holding onto the view that white cops are out to shoot unarmed black men? Is this a recipe for stability and trust, which is so critical in society.

It's also coming with peculiar and hypocritical timing - as Sean Davis's tweet reminds us:



Or this famous meme:

Pandering, spreading well-known lies, and speaking with forked tongue, that's quite a heap of trouble from the fake Indian, who at this point, incredibly, is surging in the polls and now stands in a position to take the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, according to this report. Needless to say, this is a very sorry thing indeed for a supposed vaunted Harvard law professor supposedly devoted to rule of law and impartial justice. Not her. She'll say anything to snag votes, same as she did when she made those phony claims to being an Indian in a bid to benefit from affirmative action privileges. Anything to get the goodie she wants for herself.

Had enough?

Image credit: Photo montage by Monica Showalter from Twitter screen shots.


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