Finally, conservatives have a street fighter as president

Has there been a president in living memory who relishes a fight more than Trump?  I don't think so. That is a major reason why he remains popular with conservatives and has seen his favorability ratings rise.

Sure, I like President Trump's actions on job-killing regulations, tax relief, border security, energy independence, military funding, judicial appointments, and so on.  But what really invigorates me and millions of other EverTrumpers is that he is fearless -- impervious to attacks by his adversaries and merciless in responding to them. 

Trump is an oddity: a Republican president who stands up to the Left's defamations and brickbats and returns fire.  His prickly personality is one driving force; another is Twitter, the social media megaphone he uses to bypass the legacy media's censors.

Especially gratifying to his base is Trump's war on PC and his refusal to be restrained by liberals' standards of what constitutes acceptable speech.  Go after him and your race or ethnicity will not protect you from his wrath.  House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings learned this lesson recently, to his chagrin.  In a nation where Trumpers are afraid to wear a MAGA cap in public, who else would dare to call out a civil rights icon on conditions in his district? 

The drumbeat of criticism and calumny directed at the president by his political opponents and the media have had no discernible physical or emotional effect on him, except perhaps to make him more energetic and determined, and his tweets more sharply worded and devastating.  Meanwhile, those who spew venom in their rage against the man are diminished.  (See the latest comment by Rob "Meathead" Reiner.)  As he fends off with alacrity the daily assaults on his character, intelligence, and motives, supporters like me are heartened. 

TDS hard cases appear to believe the deplorables will desert Trump in droves after he is impeached and in the dock.  Wishful thinking.  Not only will the base remain loyal, his favorability will continue to increase when independents and fence sitters tune in and get a load of insufferable Democratic prosecutors trying to make something of nothing.

More reasonable Trump haters hope a Senate trial tarnishes Trump and his presidency leading up to November 2020.  More likely, voters would punish Democrats for inflicting a show trial on the nation.

In their efforts to convince America Trump is the problem, the perpetrators of the Deep State coup and their allies are buttressing the case that Trump is the solution to what ails America.  

When the president arguably goes over the top, I might shake my head a little, and then I forget it.  I've waited a long time for a street fighter on my side of the political divide to occupy the Oval Office.  It's finally happened, and I couldn't be more pleased. 

Steve Grammatico is the author of You Hear Me,  Barack?: PC-Free Conservative Satire.  He blogs at You Hear Me, Barack?  A Repository of Conservative Satire, where he’s reprised from the book another piece of satire on Hapless Joe Biden.