Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa, their own brownshirts

As America slips into what many are calling a “cold civil war,” not a single Democrat running for president is willing to condemn Antifa, the contemporary version of the Brownshirts that terrorized opponents of the Nazis in Weimar Germany.  

CNS News repeatedly sought comments from all 23 Democrats currently running for president, and not a single one of them would condemn the thugs terrorizing and suppressing their own opponents.

Despite the well-documented violence of the radical left Antifa group -- the Department of Homeland Security classifies it as “domestic terrorist violence” – not one of the 23 Democrats running for president would condemn Antifa when repeatedly asked by over the course of 12 business days.

The Trump administration did respond, within a day, condemning Antifa.

In emails and telephone calls to the press offices and campaigns of the 23 Democrats running and to the Trump campaign, asked the candidates to answer two questions about Antifa…. (snip) … asked the candidates, 1) Do you condemn Antifa? And 2) Do you believe federal law enforcement agencies should take all lawful steps necessary to prevent Antifa from engaging in ‘domestic terrorist violence’ during the 2020 U.S. election campaign? repeatedly sent these questions to the 24 candidates by email and telephone between July 23 and Aug. 7. Not one Democratic candidate responded. (The Trump campaign answered on July 24.)

Many of the Democratic candidates’ press offices confirmed they had received the question and thanked for “reaching out.”

Instead, they pretend that “white nationalists” represent some sort of organized threat to civil order, even though the biggest gathering they have been able to launch was a pathetically small number of torch-bearing marchers at Charlottesville, explicitly condemned by President Trump. A lone, deranged driver managed to kill someone, was promptly arrested, prosecuted and convicted, but that’s the basis for ems claiming “white nationalists” present a lethal threat. The few explicitly racist marchers at Charlottesville were far outnumbered by sincere demonstrators whom wanted to preserve the historic works of art that leftists want to obliterate, just as the Taliban blew up statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. And they have no ability to generate violent mobs capable of shutting down their opponents, the way that Antifa does repeatedly.   Antifa is apparently well-organized, and explicitly announces its intention to violently disrupt political events they disapprove of.  The group has violently disrupted a public speech by Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, and has attacked and seriously injured Andy Ngo, a journalist who covers them in Portland.

Antifa thugs in Washington, DC

Photo credit: cantfightthetendies

Antifa activists constitute a dedicated, organized national violent organization openly suppressing political opponents, something that ought to be condemned by everyone, not just those whom they seek to silence.

Antifa now is arming itself.

History teaches us that armed thugs pave the way for monstrous political oppression. Yet the leaders of the Democratic Party are now becoming complicit with armed thugs, the way the party failed to condemn the KKK in its two phases of political terrorism, the post-Civil War phase where African Americans were terrorized and killed, and the 1920s, when KKK racists marched by the tens of thousands and elected racist Democrats to office, with the occasional lynching and other terror operations suppressing dissent – just as Antifa does today.

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