CNN did not ask a question about abortion

Am I the only one who found this surprising?  CNN did not ask a question about abortion during the two debates.

In fact, even Planned Parenthood complained about it, according to this tweet:

In nearly 3 hours, there was not one question on abortion access or reproductive health care — despite the fact that the Trump administration is actively trying to dismantle our nation’s program for affordable birth control with a gag rule.

No question about "reproductive rights"?  Wonder why?

I would have expected, as the tweet suggests, for the candidates to unleash a fierce attack against President Trump.

But no question was asked!

I cannot read the minds of the moderators, but this could not be an honest oversight.  My guess is that they avoided this issue to keep former V.P. Biden from getting into another fight with the left wing.

Or did the moderators run out of time or have too much to talk about?

Sorry, but it's hard to believe that Democrats would have a debate and not have an opportunity to tell us about "reproductive rights."  Or maybe they have internal polling that tells them that later-term abortion is not playing well between the coasts.

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