'Busing a la Mexicana'

It won't be long before Beto blames this on President Trump or white supremacy.  On the other hand, my guess is that most people on both sides of the border will be pleased to hear the latest from Mexico.

This is from Mary Kay Linge:

Mexico is sending some of the 30,000 Central American migrants vying for asylum in the United States on 750-mile bus rides — all the way back to southern Mexico, officials said.

The "Remain in Mexico" program pushed by the Trump administration has forced thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait months to get their turn before a US immigration judge.

But the northern state of Tamaulipas, just across the Rio Grande from Texas, is one of Mexico's most dangerous zones — and has little housing or services for the newcomers.

The busing program, which is ferrying the migrants to the state of Chiapas just north of Guatemala, will "provide a safer alternative for those who do not want to remain on the U.S.-Mexico border," the Mexican government said Friday.

It is true that the border towns are overwhelmed.  I hear that from friends who live or have family there.

Let's not overlook the other reason.  In other words, Mexicans are tired of the caravans, too.  A recent poll confirmed that Mexicans in Mexico have lost their patience and want them sent home.  Why?  Because they don't have the resources to handle thousands of people from another country.

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