America has a moral crisis, not a gun control problem

America faces a moral crisis, not a gun control problem.  As God and morality are purged from all our institutions, darkness, chaos, evil, and violence grow to fill in the gap.  There is no political solution or regulation that will stop these evildoers.  Only more armed law-abiding citizens and a true spiritual and moral revival will help reduce these atrocities and protect innocent lives.

  • The Left stopped disciplining children and teaching them accountability.
  • The Left used anti-depressant drugs to "fix" spiritual problems.
  • The Left chased God and prayer out of the public schools.
  • The Left banned the Ten Commandments from the classrooms.
  • The Left removed moral lessons from the curricula.
  • The Left glorified sexual immorality and depravity.
  • The Left promoted abnormality as "normal."
  • The Left defended the depiction of senseless gun violence and brutal murders in films, media, and video games as "entertainment" and "art."
  • The Left praised the dangerous gang-culture infecting society as "cultural diversity."
  • The Left celebrated abortion and the murder of the unborn as "feminist freedom."
  • The Left denigrated the sanctity of life.
  • The Left ridiculed traditional morality and the Christian faith.
  • The Left encouraged atheism and godless ideologies.

We are now reaping the results of rejecting God and His moral laws, truth, and wisdom.

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