A brief thought on Jeffery Epstein's death

Much has been written and will be written on the death of Jeffery Epstein.  Was it suicide?  Was it murder?  The only thing certain is that the man did not die of natural causes.

The official finding will most likely be suicide.  Even if this is actually the case, it still will fuel "conspiracy" theories.  Rightfully so.  The man already tried to commit suicide the week before, after which he was supposedly placed on suicide watch.  Here's a very important point.  Epstein was probably the most valuable human asset ever housed in the Manhattan Correctional Center, given the high-level people he could have implicated in his pedophilia escapades and brought down.  You would think every precaution would have been made to keep him alive.

Trust in government and the agencies of government is already at an all time low.  The Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI have already discredited themselves by their participation in the coup against President Trump.  So whether Epstein's death was due to sinister acts by people in government or merely gross incompetence, the result will be the same: the public trust will continue to evaporate.  This spells trouble for all of us.  If people's confidence in government falls far enough, then things can be held together only with force.  That won't be America.

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