Yelling 'racist' won't clean up our cities

In response to President Trump's message to Elijah Cummings, liberals pulled out all of their racist daggers in an attempt to slay Trump once again.

Even the most passive-aggressive liberal knows that screaming epithets at white people won't produce positive change in our cities.  The fact that liberals default to this accusation implies two motives. 

1. Liberals have no solutions to offer on the subject of rat and criminal infestations in our major cities.

2. Liberals like things the way they are and see no problem in chaining minority populations to third-world conditions.

That's the long and short of it.

Not one liberal stood up and said, "Hey, the president has a point — we should undertake bipartisan legislation and bring relief to our dying cities.  Trump seems open to the idea, so let's work together and see if the full weight of the federal government can create a positive change for our cities."

At least I didn't hear anybody from the Left say that.  All I heard was "racist," and I think I've heard that one before.

So it seems we can't talk about our southern border because to do so is racist.

We can't have a dialogue about problematic inner-city schools because any such discussion is racist.

America can't debate violent crime because the judicial system is racist.

America cannot move forward in any way because liberals don't want to.  They like things the way they are — the crime, the rats, the drugs, the decay, and the rot.

Liberals patented the "stinking hellhole" recipe over a century ago and they will stop at nothing to protect what their political chemistry set has wrought.

They say L.A. is primed for an outbreak of the plague.

It will be a second wave.  The first came disguised as a political party.

But let's not talk about it.

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