Why leftists have no sense of humor

When asked by ABC reporter Sam Donaldson if he bore any responsibility for the fledgling economy, without missing a beat, President Ronald Regan quipped: "Yes, because for many years I was a Democrat."  The room — full of skeptical, probably left-leaning journalists — erupted in laughter. Reagan's wit was disarming and undoubtedly swayed many moderate voters to vote for him in 1980, and most definitely in 1984. Similarly, President Trump has displayed a quick wit and penchant for viral one-liners.  Trump's brash, East Coast demeanor comes off a bit coarser than President Reagan's Midwestern cheer, but the strategy is similar. Contrarily, the modern Left has apparently lost its collective sense of humor.  Sure, most comedians skew heavily left, but the humor is often made at the expense of conservative figures.  Rather than laughs, late-night hosts today frequently seek adoration from the audience...(Read Full Post)
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