What SCOTUS's wall decision says about John Roberts

At least the confused weakling John Roberts didn't stab the Constitution and the President in the back on yesterday's wall funds decision.  Too bad he was not as clear-eyed and courageous a few weeks ago, opining on the U.S. Census. The idea that the Sierra Club, using rogue federal judges, could halt the president from performing his constitutional duty to protect the nation is too absurd for words — even, apparently, for John Roberts.  The case presented a stellar opportunity for a severe Supreme Court wood-shedding, of general application, to lawless members of the lower federal court Judiciary.  But in the event, we got an anodyne 5-4 ruling that, among other things, the Sierra Club did not have "standing" to bring this suit — i.e., it was not uniquely affected or "aggrieved" by the president's act, which should have been obvious to any competent lawyer or judge.  The main implication of the...(Read Full Post)
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