Tweets frenzy exposes the Left's terminal dementia

If America was never great because of initial slavery sins, compounded by additional recent sins, then why are progressives so embarrassed by our president?  If a hated opponent fails conclusively, shouldn't that be the occasion for celebration rather than embarrassment? 

Militant progressives are united in shared dismay when reacting to various tweets and on-camera pronouncements from President Trump as evidenced by their reaction following his Twitter salvos against the unpatriotic quad squad last week.  Their common refrain proceeds along the lines of, ...racist!... (and) ... he's an embarrassment to the country ... (or) ... The United States has become a laughingstock among our European allies... (or) ... I'm ashamed to be an American now that Trump occupies the White House ... et cetera.  This reaction is flatly illogical even by progressive pretzel-brained standards.  In parallel to their sanctimonious bleats of anxiety over Trump's undignified impropriety, radicals simultaneously want to destroy America as we know it and start over according to their own mindset.  From subversive Antifa street jackals to those holding high office, and therefore historically conditioned to employ more measured rhetoric, now even tenured leftists have openly announced their appraisal that America was never great from the start.  Examples of these sentiments have been widely covered in disgusting rants from the likes of Andrew Cuomo, Eric Holder, and Maxine Waters.

For the far left to both believe America was never great and also be embarrassed and humiliated seems to be a colossal, glaring non sequitur that is literally unexplainable.  Was General Eisenhower embarrassed for Hitler, who had miscalculated the scope and location of the D-Day invasion?  Or was he overcome with joy at the fatal errors of his foe?  Why would a die-hard New England Patriots fan be embarrassed for the L.A. Rams, who folded so badly in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?  Wouldn't he be tickled pink to see his opponent shamed in humiliation?  In what universe of cortical contortions can anyone, even the most rabid America-hating, reparations-championing equity-mongers, not see this paradoxical inconsistency?  Unfortunately, RINOs like Britt Hume, Jonah Goldberg, Chris Wallace, George Will, and others of their sour breed likewise claim to be horrified at Trump's gaffes of political etiquette.  But at least their logic is solid and consistent.  Those weak-kneed tisk-tiskers certainly do not proclaim a belief that America was never great.  They merely wish our president would brush up on elocution as they themselves have done in their quest to ensure perpetual control of the swamp. 

Embarrassment or vindication — which one is it?  Please pick one you like and ride it all the way to the bottom, but holding both emotions simultaneously is logically impossible.