Self-regarding journalists now lecture us about 'truth'?

When I see a headline by the Washington Post's op-ed writer Leonard Pitts, such as "Failure to stand up for the truth does not show an open mind, it shows an empty mind," I know I am about to read another piece of worthless dung.

Over several decades, we have seen the media go from reporting to advocating.  They lie by omission and by exclusion.  Most of what we see today from national syndicated columnists and commentators is essentially the talking points of the Democrats.  They seek to elect Democrats and destroy President Trump as well as other Republicans, no matter what they have to say and do.  

Here is a short list of their obvious lies over the last decade as they lecture the public about "truth" and fact-checking.

Begin with all the lies about Obamacare: we were told that we could keep our doctor, keep our plan, that premiums would go down, and it would reduce the deficit.

We also were told that if the government took over student loans, there would be significant profits to offset the costs of Obamacare.  As the losses now mount, Democrats are asking for an Obamacare bailout from taxpayers.

Then there were the lies about the Benghazi fiasco being caused by a video instead of terrorism, meant to mislead the public before an election.

Next, there was the media-peddled fake news about Russian collusion, which went on for years, despite clear evidence that it was a lie from the start.  

Part of it includes the scandal involving the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton paying more than $10 million to create the fake dossier.  They were helped by the media in spreading those lies.

Now former FBI director James Comey lied when he said Hillary Clinton was merely "extremely careless" and not criminally liable for her illegal private server full of classified communications.  Despite that clear criminal activity by Hillary, her aides and others in the media supported Hillary for president — and they got an unearned immunity from prosecution despite their conflicts of interest.

That's not the only lie involving Comey.  He and others also lied to the FISA court when they said the fake dossier was verified evidence.

Despite the clear collusion between the Obama administration and Justice Department to protect Hillary and others who perjured themselves, the media spread the lie to the public that no one is above the law and that the DOJ operated independently during the Obama-Biden years.

The media also knew that James Clapper, John Brennan, Eric Holder, James Comey, Susan Rice, and others committed perjury, yet they act as though these lawless operatives are reliable sources as they attack Trump.

The media and Democrats also peddled the lie that Mitt Romney and Donald Trump didn't pay taxes.  They did it with no evidence.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, with the help of the media, continues to spread the lie that Trump said white supremacists and Nazis are good.  They know that when he said there were good people on both sides of the issue, he meant the issue of whether historic statues should stay up or be torn down.  The purpose of the lie, like many lies about Trump, is to gin up racial hate and violence by spreading a false narrative.  Why didn't the protests occur throughout Obama's eight years if the statues and murals were supposedly so oppressive and racist?

The media, in collusion with other Democrats, also spread the lies in the slogan "Hands Up, Don't Shoot."  This lie was used to gin up racial hate and hate against cops.  How many cops have died because the media helped spread that lie?

Meanwhile, White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes admitted that the Obama White House used the media to spread lies about the Iran deal.  It appears that the media don't mind.

Calling the deportation raids and ICE employees racists is another pack of obvious lies.  If they weren't, Obama/Biden and their supporters would have been called racists and xenophobes during their eight years.

When the media show cages and children being separated from parents, they are ginning up even more racist hate.  The media intentionally hide the fact from the public that the "cages" were built during the Obama years.  The media also didn't show much if any concern about deaths at the border during the Obama years.

The media, in collusion with other Democrats, also sought to destroy Brett Kavanaugh with no evidence. 

In addition, the media sought to destroy white Christian boys from Kentucky by calling them racists for the crime of wearing MAGA hats.  Journalists obviously had access to the tapes when they peddled the lies.  

They peddled the fake hate crime by leftist actor Jussie Smollett to gin up racial hate against Trump again, despite no evidence, and in fact, a lot of evidence to the contrary.

The press also uses the term "white privilege" to gin up racial hate. The words falsely imply that all white people are privileged when nearly all have had to educate themselves and work their way up the economic ladder without help. 

They also peddle the lie that the tax cuts only benefit the rich when it is clear from unemployment and wage statistics that the tax cuts have benefitted the economy as a whole and lifted up people of all races, all sexes, all education levels, and all income levels.

The media, in collusion with other Democrats are also lying when they say that states have voted to outlaw abortion. They have voted to put limits on abortion, not outlaw it. It is the Democrats who are the most extreme on abortion since very few Americans think that babies can be aborted up to 40 weeks.

As for climate change: It is a bald-faced lie to call those of us who say that the climate has always changed naturally "climate change deniers." Not one of us denies that the climate changes. The purpose of calling us deniers is to pollute the public's mind by equating us with Holocaust deniers.

As for Mr. Pitts: His home newspaper is the Miami Herald. Why didn't the excellent expose on Jeff Epstein run during the eight years of Obama since the story occurred a decade ago? Did they hold the story because they had endorsed Hillary for President and the story might damage the Clintons? Wasn't the "Me Too" movement delayed for decades by the media, Hollywood and other Democrats not caring about all the women that Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused as they quested for power and money? Isn't it disingenuous at best to claim to care about abused women when all of you were campaigning to put major abusers back in the White House?

Journalists are the last ones who should be lecturing the public about standing up for the truth and if they want to look for empty minds, they should look in the mirror. There seems to be a vacuum up there as they repeat so many Democrat talking point lies with no questions asked.

Image illustration by Monica Showalter with public domain source.