Robert Mueller’s bad day

Like most of you, I have a life and could not sit in front of the TV to watch the Mueller hearings.  I did catch some portions on the radio and it was not a good day for the Democrats.

Mr. Mueller would have been better off spending this July day with Mrs. Mueller somewhere else.

First,  Mueller did not look interested at all.  What I heard on the radio was a man who was not engaged.

Second, the Democrats just blew it big time.  Mueller did not give them what they wanted.

As Chris Wallace said:  

“Responding after the first few hours of the hearing before the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Wallace said Mueller offered little defense of his investigation amid repeated attacks from Republicans. He said Mueller has not put forth much "testimony" or new information.

"I think this has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think it's been a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller. He has seemed very uncertain with his brief. He doesn't seem to know things that are in the report," Wallace told Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum during Fox News Channel's all-day coverage of the House hearings.

"Over and over, Mueller just sits silent and allows the attacks from the Republicans to sweep over him and says nothing."

Didn't some one prepare Mueller for the GOP questions?   He looked as clueless as Joe Biden did when Kamala Harris brought up the busing issue.

It may be wise for the Democrats to pull the plug and cancel the rest of the session.  At this point, the Democrats look sillier than Robert Mueller.   

It's amazing what Trump Derangement Syndrome has done to the Democrats!

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