Rats and DemocRATS: A natural combination

Another day, another President Donald J. Trump (R) tweet, another predictable basic Democratic response of ra-a-a-acist!  The latest Democratic meltdown came after a series of Trump tweets recommending that Rep Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) clean up his rat-infested, filthy, dangerous district in Baltimore rather than complain about the detention centers for illegal aliens in the southwest on the Mexican border.

These centers are clean and maintained, Trump insists, in contrast to Cummings's district, where Cummings has done such a poor job that rats and the homeless have made it their home. 

When speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–rich San Francisco), a Baltimore native whose father was once mayor, defended her fellow Democrat, calling Trump...yes, ra-a-a-acist!, Trump shot back a few tweets calling her to task over the sorry condition of her district.

And then added:

So who is right?  A little research indicates that where there are Democrats, there are rats; where there are rats, there are Democrats.  And yes, of course, there are rats doing their ratty thing around Republicans — but not as many.  According to Orkin, the pest control (a very nice way of saying killing unwanted pests such as...well, rats) company, the most rat-infested localities in the U.S. are controlled by Democrats.  Hmmm.  

For the third consecutive ranking, Chicago takes the top spot.

The metro regions are ranked by the number of rodent treatments the company performed from September 15th, 2016 – September 15th, 2017. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

  1. Chicago
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles (+1)
  4. San Francisco – Oakland (+1)
  5. Washington, DC (-2)
  6. Philadelphia (+1)
  7. Detroit (+2)
  8. Baltimore (-2)
  9. Seattle – Tacoma
  10. Dallas – Ft. Worth (+4)
  11. Denver (-1)
  12. Minneapolis – St. Paul (-4)
  13. Cleveland – Akron (+2)
  14. Atlanta (+2)
  15. Boston (-3)
  16. Hartford – New Haven (+1)
  17. Portland, OR (+3)
  18. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale (-5)
  19. Indianapolis
  20. Houston (+1)
  21. Milwaukee (+2)
  22. Pittsburgh (-4)
  23. New Orleans (+15)
  24. Cincinnati (+10)
  25. Richmond – Petersburg
  26. Sacramento – Stockton (+6)
  27. Kansas City (+3)
  28. Charlotte (-1)
  29. Norfolk – Portsmouth – Newport News (-5)
  30. Buffalo (-1)
  31. Columbus, OH (+6)
  32. St. Louis (-4)
  33. Raleigh – Durham (-11)
  34. Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo (-1)
  35. San Diego (+12)
  36. Albany – Schenectady (-10)
  37. San Antonio
  38. Tampa – St. Petersburg (-7)
  39. Rochester, NY (-4)
  40. Nashville (-1)
  41. Champaign – Springfield – Decatur
  42. Greenville – Spartanburg (-2)
  43. Memphis
  44. Phoenix (+1)
  45. Syracuse
  46. West Palm Beach (-10)
  47. Orlando – Daytona Beach (-1)
  48. Madison (+1)
  49. Flint – Saginaw (-8)
  50. Green Bay – Appleton (-6

Indeed, the top spot on the list, Chicago, is the former home of the top Democrat, former president Barack Hussein Obama (D).  Prior to being elected president, Obama represented the city — including the rats — in the Illinois state Legislature and then the U.S. Senate.  

"Oh," some might protest, "these rankings don't prove that these cities are the biggest rat holes; they merely indicate the dedicated, mostly Democratic, mayors just took good care of their cities by pre-emptively taking action to deter the rodents."  Uh, no.  While there is some minor truth to that argument, the mayors wouldn't spend so much of their precious city dollars unless the need absolutely demanded it.  And the previous Baltimore mayor thought it did.  

On a tour of a Baltimore neighborhood, Mayor Catherine Pugh (D, of course), who later left office under a scandal:

... made the remarks during a Fox 45 segment while touring a Baltimore neighborhood that was supposed to highlight her "violence-reduction initiative."

As Pugh toured the neighborhood, she said: "What the hell? We should just take all this s--- down. ... Whoa, you can smell the rats. ... Whew, Jesus. ... Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals."

Why, she expressed the same sentiment as the white, male, Republican president repeated a few years later.  Can a black, female, corrupt Democratic mayor be labeled a racist for pointing out the obvious?  Probably not.  So perhaps the Democrats are Ratist, or the rats are Democratist.

Photo credit: earth's buddy.