Omar's love for her country? Which country?

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who's always had a problem with being in the U.S., would have you know that you shouldn't dare question her patriotism.

Here's her characteristically flip way of saying it:

I don't know who this is she's talking about, but I doubt she'd be talking to any "white nationalist."  Or that a real, live white nationalist would actually want to talk to her, either.  Oh, wait: white nationalists actually cheer her for repeated instances of Jew-hatred.  She's a hero to them.

Maybe it was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who's not a white nationalist but can easily be saddled with such a made up invention, given that he put out this effective criticism of Omar and her ingratitude as a migrant taken in by America and showered with good things, and claiming racial grievances is Omar's stock in trade.

So now we have her tea-spewing video clip, a copy of a famous GIF meme of a woman spraying her coffee as she laughs, now slyly stylized in Omar's case as a glamour shot, with an impressively warm and coordinated neutral palette of taupes and vicunas, along a designerly sliver of vermillion just off-center in the frame.  Very, very carefully contrived, something that would make her fashion coeval and political best buddy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, quite proud.  Heck, it was probably the same stylist who did it.

And it's flip, unserious, and insulting as hell.

So we're not to dare question her "love" for her country?  Actually, we already know what she means when she says a word like "love" — she married her brother, apparently in a bid to game U.S. immigration law.  Kind of like, as she says, "all about the benjamins."

Speaking of that, her views are indistinguishable from the average confused and resentful third-world quasi-intellectual, the kind of people V.S. Naipaul wrote about in Among the Believers, a book published in 1981.  She's anti-Semitic as heck, with a Jew-hatred never before seen in the U.S. political life but perfectly common in third-world hellholes.  She's also defended terrorists who have sought to rain holy war down on the U.S. — whether calling for lenient sentences for bona fide terrorists; defending al-Qaeda; or her characteristically flip characterization of 9/11's terrorists and their famous attack as "some people did something," which, compared to any restriction on Muslim civil rights (which never happened, by the way), is completely trivial.  We got the full third-world worldview with that one, too.  And she's the person who came here as a supposed refugee yet right out the airplane door immediately found America not good enough.  This is not normal.

Now she laughs to hear that someone thinks she doesn't love this country?  And it's all some kind of joke, something no one with fashion sense could possibly take seriously?

Life in America hasn't changed her views a bit.  Love for country?  It's not love the way we understand it.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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