Obsessed with what people are not thinking about

It's amazing how disconnected from reality the Democrats are.  To be fair, it may not be the majority of the party, but the deluded are the ones getting the attention.

In fact, so many Democrats, especially the elected black congressmen, seem to be living in 1949 Mississippi and relishing the fact that Jackie Robinson is playing second base for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  It's hard to believe they don't see the incredible progress that blacks have made in the U.S.

A recent article by Michael Goodwin is right on target:

To judge by what they say and do, Democrats are obsessed with two topics: impeachment and race. With Robert Mueller's disastrous performance driving a stake through the heart of the former, race is shaping up as a defining issue in this week's second round of presidential debates.

As a New York Times article put it, "The searing fight over race, inequality and history has come to dominate the Democratic presidential contest." 

Count that as an understatement.

So what are their solutions to deal with our race problem?  They don't have any.  All they tell is that everyone is a racist, and then everyone is a racist again.

Do they have any solutions for crime problems?  I don't hear any.

Public schools?  I don't hear anything except that many Democrats send their kids to private schools and away from the neighborhoods.

As for impeachment, what's the article that they plan to vote on?  I guess that they will get around to that sooner or later.

Impeachment and race may work in the primaries but will fail miserably in the general election.

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