Check out Mickey Kaus's new website

Writer Mickey Kaus, and his KausFiles column which has appeared on various news sites, is known for his sharp observations about politics, economics, and industry.  In some good news, he's got a new site. Even better, it's free for now, but understandably might move with the trend of pay-for-punditry - and it's still called KausFiles. The actual web address is His writing is pithy, witty, and never insults your intelligence. He identifies as a Democrat, but, well, if that's a Democrat, then I'm also a Democrat. His bee ess meter is amazing. I just read about it on his Twitter and can see that he's been at it just a couple weeks. I read the whole thing and it's all good. A sample from the top of his columns at the site: Where Undernews Was, MSM Shall Be: If they’re really going after financier Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking of...(Read Full Post)
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