Joe Biden, yesterday's news

Joe Biden's falling so far so fast that he's groping for relevance with "me'n Barack" statements.  These take the form of "that would never have happened to me'n Barack" or "You think they'd dare try that on me'n Barack?"

Joe's trying to ride Barack's coattails into the White House, but he's too gaffe-prone and the wrong color and too corrupt and, to be frank, too torpid upstairs.  The Left silently cheered when Hillary finally dropped by the wayside so they could quit pretending to love her. Now they're getting impatient with old Joe — at least partly because they were impatient with Barack to get gone so they could stop pretending to love him.

Another thing: Who would play the role of Joe Biden if he actually stumbled into the Oval Office?  Who would provide the comic relief?  Who would draw off attention from some major scandal by saying something hilariously non sequitur–ish?  Who would take on the security function he played so well for Barack, a veep so vacuous that nobody would assassinate the president lest that other fool assume the office?

Besides, the president needs to be somebody who can actually make policy.  Who would do that in a Biden presidency?

Joe, be a big boy and throw in the towel.  Stop trying to compete with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She's at least kinda cute in a silly-little-girl way, fresh meat to chew and expend our outrage on.  You're just a tired old man who has worn out his welcome. You look old.  Your tricks are old.  Everything about you is artificial.  Your jokes fall flat before making it out of your mouth.  Your sense of humor is weird.  Your propensity for prepubertal girls makes the skin crawl.

Head on back to Delaware or Peking or Charlotte's Web and pay somebody to write several hundred pages of romance novel about your boring life for which some strangeling will pay you a few mil but that nobody of either party, or any party, will read.  If you miss the limelight, amble on over to Barama's crib, where you can pretend to be a valued member of something.  They'll pat your head and change your kneepads for you.

You're yesterday's news, Joe.  You've been swept away in the swirling waters of America being made great again.

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr.