How Republicans can prepare to examine Robert Mueller

We are all anxious to see how proper examination in a hearing could take down Special Counsel Mueller's pretenses and deceptions, maybe even reveal something of the nature of the Deep State swamp. House judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler and House intelligence chairman Adam Schiff issued a joint statement regarding the decision made to delay the appearance of Special Counsel Robert Mueller from July 17 to July 24, adding that Mueller had agreed to the delay.  There is no doubt that the House Committee Democrats are hoping for an energizing boost from the Mueller appearance in their efforts at a coup.  The question is, will they get their wish?  Let's consider some suggested strategies for examination questions by the Republican members of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, in the open and closed sessions planned. First I put up the recommendations of George Parry, former federal and state prosecutor; Philadelphia lawyer in...(Read Full Post)
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