Goodbye, Hong Kong

The demonstrations in Hong Kong to protest the proposed extradition law have turned violent.  This past week, a group of hardcore protesters laid siege to Hong Kong's legislature, trashed the place, and said they were willing to die for their cause.  And what is their cause?  It is basically to maintain the One State, Two System relationship that was established between Hong Kong and the mainland from the time Great Britain turned its colony over the China in 1997 to the present. And why have the protests turned violent?  Have some anarchists come to town to stir up trouble?  Doubtful.  Or perhaps it was a false flag operation perpetrated by Beijing to justify a crackdown? That's more likely.  But the most likely explanation is that a segment of Hong Kong's young people are desperate and are venting their frustration as Red China tightens its grip on the city. Whatever is behind...(Read Full Post)
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