Elizabeth Warren still getting dogged by fake Indian affirmative action issue

It's not going away.

Over in New Hampshire, a potential voter asked Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren how anyone could expect to trust her after that fake Indian act she pulled to advance her Ivy League career through affirmative action privileges.

It wasn't some right-winger asking the question with a churlish smirk; it was a very polite blonde female schoolteacher who said she had a lot in common with Warren, especially in their shared "heart for service" (the lady was projecting) and the fact that she, too, had fake Indian ancestors.  But unlike Warren, she had since become the mother to black children who had at the age of three and a half already encountered racism, which is why she was a firm supporter of affirmative action.  She wanted to know how she could trust Warren after the stunt she pulled, claiming to be a fake Indian to vault into her Ivy lLague professorships.  "I struggle..." the lady said.

I kept waiting for the security guards to throw the woman out as a troll, but Warren indulged the woman — taking blame, explaining she understood what tribal citizenship was, saying she apologized, but then insisting she never benefited from affirmative action, which is nonsense.  She cited a Boston Globe report, which took Harvard and other fancy schools' word for it that Warren never advanced due to affirmative action, never mind that detail about those schools being under fire for this very sort of discrimination.  She was trying to be avuncular to the little lady.

But it didn't work.  She didn't address the fundamental question of trust that the woman wanted.

This is why the question is dogging her and is going to keep dogging her.  It's going to come up again, and again, and again...

Those security guards are eventually going to get called eventually.

Warren has no answer, and the issue is still bubbling.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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