Desperate 'Beto' reaches new depths in pandering to the Left

Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is digging himself a deep hole in his desperation to keep alive his faltering presidential campaign.  He is becoming an apt symbol of the shallowness of his party's appeal to the electorate, starting with his masquerade as Hispanic with the nickname "Beto" that he adopted, and by which he is now all but universally known in the media.

When he was running for the Senate against Ted Cruz, whose brilliance and conservatism are feared and despised by the Left, O'Rourke became a favorite of the prog moneyed class, enabling him to raise over $6 million on the day his campaign was kicked off.  He received the kind of media coverage that usually goes to Kennedys, so over-the-top that he later told The View he regrets it.

It's been steeply downhill since then, with his on-camera promise to tear down the border wall in his hometown of El Paso striking most people as ridiculous, if gratifying to the open-borders crowd.

Yesterday, he went from ridiculous to despicable, disparaging the country of his birth that has showered wealth, privilege, and fame upon his fake-Hispanic self (hat tip: The Right Scoop).

The left wing of the Democratic Party now hates and despises this country.  That may win elections in the deep blue urban areas, and win plaudits on many campuses, but aside from twisted intellectuals, it is not a popular platform to ride to the White House.

"Beto" is la tostada.

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