Clintons mass-booed at Billy Joel concert

Is time finally up for the Clintons?

Sometimes it's the little things, such as booing in a stadium, that tell the story.

Apparently, Bill and Hillary Clinton got booed big.  According to Fox News:

After singer Billy Joel dedicated a song to the former first couple and flashed them up on the screen at Madison Square Garden, initial cheers turned to boos from the audience.

The former first lady has been under scrutiny for years as she criticized President Trump and attempted to lay out the reasons she thought were behind her loss to him in the 2016 election. Former President Bill Clinton, on the other hand, faced fresh criticism surrounding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who on Monday was indicted on sex trafficking charges.

It's surprising, given how untouchable the Clintons have been up until now.  They've committed scandal after scandal — and nothing ever happens to them, not even bad poll numbers, let alone handcuffs.  The pair of them together got away with so much through their vaunted careers that they seemed to be made of some kind of super-Teflon.  And the more they got away with, the more shameless they got.  What's worse, they set the standard for Democrats and impunity, something Republicans have never been subject to.  President Obama, taking the Clinton standard, got away with scandal after scandal by, like the Clintons, just denying that there was one.

This booing suggests that maybe something has changed.  Bill has been mired neck-deep in his Lolita Express scandal, which includes getting caught lying about how many private jet trips he took with his child-molesting pal Jeffrey Epstein to (among many places) his Dominican island lair of underage girls for sex.  Clinton says he took four rides.  The Washington Examiner says he took six.  Investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff says he took 27.

Hillary, by contrast, is already on the outs — with Democrats blaming her for the loss of her 2016 presidential race to Donald Trump by not going to Wisconsin as well as the phony Russian collusion myth, which got disproved by the Mueller report.  For Republicans and independents, she's always been a problem, the latest of which was her email scandals involving an easy-to-hack illegal private server, along with hammers, bleachbit, immunity, and impunity.  And her former staffers live in dread at the idea of Hillary coming back into public life again.

It all suggests that some kind of critical mass has been reached.  Maybe the Clintons really have run out of luck — along with foundation donations.  The money dried up.  The scams got exposed.  The cheering has stopped. There are now just boos, ugly, ugly, boos, and painful for Bill, at least, who thrives on adulation.

The grifters are finally getting word that it's time to skip town.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with image from ABC/Walt Disney Television, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 and public domain sources.

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