Leftists rip and deface American flag at migrant detention center, raise Mexican flag

Apparently, the rabidly leftist protestors outside a Colorado migrant detention center don't know which flag the Honduran, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and other illegal aliens actually march under.

They attacked a migrant center in Aurora, Colorado; defaced an American flag, which is about par for them; and then raised a Mexican flag, forgetting that Mexicans aren't too happy about Central American migrants traversing their country illegally, either.

Here's the news story compiled by GatewayPundit, complete with Twitter photos:

Protesters took down the U.S. flag, the Colorado and GEO flags and and replaced them with a Mexican flag, a defaced upside down U.S. flag and a third flag of unknown description at a GEO contractor-run ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado Friday.

Numerous photos were posted online of the flags.

KCNC-TV reported the American flag was taken down, spray-painted with the words Abolish ICE and then flown upside down next to the Mexican flag.

And here's a news tweet:

It's beyond disgusting to normal Americans, and it certainly does nothing for the prospects of the migrants who want to stay here in the States ahead of would-be legal aliens.  It's also intellectually confused: what kind of sense are we talking about here that the flag of the country no one wants to be sent back to is waved as a rallying cry?  What's more, you can bet that the ignorant and inarticulate thugs behind this wanted it that way.  Their aim was to offend.

But it does shed light on what the real agenda in this migrant surge is, which is negating the idea of citizenship.  Not just any citizenship, only U.S. citizenship.  They're also about negating the idea of legal immigration, and negating borders themselves.  They don't want any of that because they don't want America.  They want to destroy America, as can be seen with its defaced flag.  To make their point harder, they signal they'd like to have some country such as Mexico — the very country the Central American migrants are refusing to live in, despite Mexico's generous offers — take over instead.

The migrants, by the way, aren't much better, marching as they do in their caravans under the Honduran and Guatemalan flags.  These waves of people aren't about becoming Americans, assimilating, leaving one country behind for another.  They're about harvesting benefits and returning home with them.  Now we have the Left foisting the Mexican flag upon their migration operation, making the whole thing a strange spectacle, indeed.

This is not your grandmother's migration.  This looks like activist advocacy with the aim of some kind of deranged "conquest," complete with plunder.  Well, now we know what we are up against.  One can only hope the stamp-down of this kind of clown show is going to be hard.