'Climate change' turns on a dime

The apocalyptic religion that blames humanity for the weather and claims we are doomed is based on "science" to the same extent that the "scientific socialism" of the USSR was.  Shamelessly, the religious zealots can turn on a dime and claim that opposite phenomena, separated only by a year, are both the responsibility of their ultimate boogeyman. Jack Hellner emails an example.  Last year, climate change was killing off bees, as Brooks Hays of UPI reported: Over the last half-decade, nearly a third of the North American bee population has disappeared. New research suggests in some parts of the United States, climate change could be the reason bee populations continue to shrink. But as of yesterday, it is causing bee populations (the nastiest kind of bees: wasps) to explode.  Ed Maza wrote in the Huffington Post: Now Wasps Are Forming Massive 'Super Nests' Because Life Just Isn't Scary...(Read Full Post)
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