California State Assembly dictates religious doctrine to state's clerics

So much for the separation of church and state that progressives used to tout.  In California, which is now a one-party state under Democrat control, solons are so impressed with their untrammeled power that they are telling religious leaders what their doctrines ought to affirm in the Brave New World of non-binary gender dogma, a revolution imposed from above.

Marvin Olasky writes in World Magazine:

The California State Assembly on June 24 turned the supposed "wall of separation" between church and state into a low speed bump: The chamber, which is 76 percent Democratic, passed a resolution proposing that all religious leaders affirm LGBTQ lifestyles and oppose "conversion therapy" designed to help gays and trans individuals to change, if that is their goal.

The resolution, ACR 99, has no legal force. It's part of what Spanish speakers call dictablanda, the soft dictatorship that pushes conformity to the reigning worldview, or else. Officials in China and California prefer dictablanda to dictadura, hard dictatorship. They do not need as many jailers if potential dissidents imprison themselves. 

The sudden emergence of non-binary gender dogma that contradicts science, common sense, and the entire history of mankind seems to be supported by the political, cultural, and even corporate apparatus that has been infiltrated and taken over by leftists enacting the strategy of Gramsci.  Via the "long march through the institutions" that the Italian Marxist Gramsci forecast, free-market societies could be destroyed from within, and the "new man" of communism empowered to take over.  The progressive apparatchiki are harnessing the power of their institutions to force compliance with the bizarre dogma of transgenderism.  If they can force acceptance of this, they can force anything on the public.

Hat tip: Velma Montoya.