Adam Schiff desperately fabricates a laughable Trump impeachable offense

Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to have driven mad Representative Adam Schiff.  The impeachment enthusiast's promise that he had hard evidence of Trump's treasonous "collusion" with Russia only to have that lie exposed by the Mueller (Weissmann) Report must have made him desperate to find some excuse to impeach the president and left him diving deep into fantasy.

Appearing yesterday on Meet the Press, he created an imaginary "misdemeanor" (as in "high crimes and misdemeanors") out of whole cloth.

Text via Breitbart:

"He is violating a different provision of the Constitution by obstructing the Congress in its lawful and constitutional duty. That would not be a crime, that would be a misdemeanor. And the founders had a different idea of what misdemeanor meant. It's not a lesser crime, but it's demeaning the office. And I think violating the separation of powers would be such a misdemeanor. So this is why I say the President is doing everything he can to push us into an impeachment because if we can't get adequate answers from the court in time, that in itself will be an impeachable offense."

He added, "We will either get the answers that we need or the president's obstruction will be so complete that that itself becomes a grounds for his impeachment."

Schiff is asserting the supremacy of one of two houses of Congress over the executive branch.  But the Constitution establishes the three branches of government as co-equal, meaning that the president has no duty at all to accede to the demands of one chamber of the Legislative Branch.  

Video via Graben:

If Schiff thinks he's going to bully the Executive Branch with fanciful claims, he has not yet grasped the nature of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab.

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