We must warn illegal aliens

I think Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have an excellent point about how badly the illegal aliens in detention centers are being treated.  They aren't being given everything they want or need, and the accommodations are worse than what they enjoyed in their home countries.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if many of them regret coming here after all.  Yet the evil white people in Congress are arguing about setting aside money to improve their conditions and buy their toiletries.  Now employees at capitalist business Wayfair are protesting that their employer is willing to sell the government beds for illegal aliens, because apparently sleeping on concrete or on a mattress on top of concrete is morally superior.  Didn't Santa Alexandria say it was more important to be morally right than factually correct?   Surely, the patron saint of bartending has a deeper understanding of morality than the rest of us, especially us engineers.

Ilhan Omar has pointed out that America doesn't live up to its reputation as a land of milk and honey.  The streets are not paved with gold, and not everyone is a millionaire.  All those poor immigrants were fooled as she was into bringing their unskilled labor and criminal talents here to improve the country.  You know the human-smuggling cartels are not going to give them their money back.

It seems there is but one thing to do.  The American government should make commercials with Spanish (and other) narration, showing America as it really is.  Show the horrible detention centers.  Show the homeless people encamped on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  (I think Tucker Carlson has some videos he might be willing to share.)  Show the videos of urban youth pillaging stores in downtown areas.  Show pictures of abortion centers, too.  Potential immigrants need to be able to make informed decisions about whether to violate our immigration laws.

Illegally resident aliens sacrifice a lot to come here and sponge off the American taxpayer, so we can feel wonderfully virtuous as our taxes are increased to support them.  The poor people who are citizens of our country often own their own homes and have air conditioning, televisions, and computers.  It's hard to motivate the citizenry to accept higher taxes so the money can be redistributed to others who are not particularly needy.  But illegals come here with just the designer clothes on their backs, with someone's sick and dirty child or children in tow.  And after hundreds or thousands of miles dealing with no beds and sniveling brats, we fail to hand them the keys to even the sanctuary cities.  They have no concept of the suffering that still awaits them.  Oh, the humanity!

They have to be warned, for pity's sake.  And if warning them cannot be funded by the elected officers in Congress who enjoy their derived feelings of virtue from having something to complain about, then it will serve us all right if the illegals start packing up and going back to wherever they came from.  They can make their home countries great instead!  Their brilliant innovations are more than we deserve to benefit from, failing as we do in our promises.  The agonies of losing them will be richly appropriate punishment.

My only concern is that citizens who want to be paid reparations for their ancestors' enslavement will also start packing and abandoning the United States, to move to their ancestral homelands and apply their talents on behalf of those countries.  How can we maintain our superpower status if everyone who thinks he is getting a raw deal packs up and goes elsewhere?  We are nothing without our global moral superiority.

Well, we would be one thing: better off.

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